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Holli Schulz
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Holli Schulz is a painter, printmaker, and illustrator living and working in Lexington, Kentucky. She graduated from Transylvania University in 2011 with a BA in Studio Art, focusing on printmaking. Since then, she has sold her work internationally and exhibited her work in galleries throughout Kentucky. 


Serene figures prevail within minimal and mystical landscapes in my latest work. I hold a reverence for human resilience in our present time, which can often feel unstable, uncertain, and far too fast. Our environment is fragile, our bodies are fragile, yet there is something within us made of promise and conviction. We have the miraculous ability to own our fragility, live though uncertainty, and to remain hopeful through heights of doubt and fear. My graceful, female figures lend a portrait of hope and resilience even though they are surrounded by an uncertain and indiscernible landscape.

I begin my creative process with a monoprint, a quick, loose technique that results in forming an ethereal setting. I then create the figures, flora, and scenery that unfold when working with the results from the monoprint. I enjoy the tight patterns and realistic portraits within a loose, colorful field. This method uplifts my themes of resilience and fragility though a balance between intentional and unintentional. I hope my work can offer a blessing of peace, balance, and assurance to anyone feeling that void, standing in uncertainty.

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