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Ross Thomas

Ross Peel Thomas, a native to Lexington, Kentucky, has always loved drawing. From a young age, he attended art centered schools and continued his studies at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he discovered a deep fascination with oil painting. Ross now lives and works in Prescott, Arizona. His work has received numerous awards both in Arizona and Kentucky. 


Ross' current work begins with an old photograph, usually of someone in his family, thus creating a personal connection with the image. That photo image is then reinterpreted in paint, with a major focus on painterly expression. The figures remain in black and white or some form of monochrome as they are in the photographs. The figures always look back at the viewer, hovering in the space between imagination and memory. His work has been called “nostalgic surrealism.”


Ross can find inspiration anywhere. He thinks of himself as an alchemist and experimenter of paint and thinners more than an artist. The act of image making is the one constant to be seen in his life, as change and challenge bring inspiration to him. Anyone can see he is an artist to the core.  

“I want my work to feel like a window into another world.” -RT

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